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July 2021

ICTP Diploma 30th Anniversary: Do the Reunion Memories Challenge!

ICTP is proud of its Diploma alumni and their achievements, and we want the world to know about them, in the students' own words!

For the Diploma 30th anniversary, we are challenging our Diploma alumni to use their social-media savvy to create a video, an audio recording, or a written post about their most cherished memories of their time here at ICTP, or about what the Diploma Programme has meant for their careers.

Creativity is encouraged! Make a video, or share your favorite photo from your time as a Diploma Progamme student and the memory that goes with it. Tag us and use the hashtag #ICTPMemories on social media, or email us at!

We'll collect and share all the submissions, and produce a compilation that will be published and played during the Diploma 30th Anniversary ceremony in August.

All Diploma alumni are encouraged to take the challenge. It doesn’t matter where you are now, if you are still in research or not, if you are still in science or not, or how long ago you were at ICTP: we would like to hear your story.

Once you have made your submission, you can nominate one or several of your Diploma colleagues to do the challenge next!

See the webpage for the Challenge guidelines.

Deadline for submissions: 31 July 2021  

Programme Details Now Available!

Mark your calendars now for 23 through 25 August: the Diploma 30th Anniversary requests your presence! See what exciting events we have planned for you by downloading the full programme. Connect, reconnect and celebrate! Read more...

Diploma Alumni Survey

How well did ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme prepare you for a science career? Please help us measure the success of the Programme, and tell us whether you would like to be better connected with your fellow Diploma alumni (as well as the whole ICTP community), by completing this brief, anonymous survey.  

Register Now to Receive Anniversary Participation Kit!

ICTP regrets that COVID restrictions prevent Diploma alumni from gathering in person here in Trieste for the 30th anniversary. To add a personal touch to the proceedings, we are sending participation kits, which include an ICTP t-shirt, to those who register for the event! Sign up now to receive your kit in time for the celebrations!  

Making Connections: Diploma Regional Networks

The Diploma 30th Anniversary is a chance for alumni to reconnect. A session of the event will be dedicated to the creation of regional alumni networks. ICTP has appointed Diploma alumni volunteers as regional coordinators for Africa, Latin America, Far East and Near East, and they will soon be reaching out to alumni for a series of brainstorming meetings taking place before the anniversary. The results of those meetings will be presented at the anniversary event, with the goal to create lasting networks. For more details, please contact the coordinator representing your region of the world:

Africa: Chimene Laure DALEU ('09), Maryse NKOUA ('11), Angela TABIRI ('15)

Latin America: Pavel FILEVIEZ PEREZ ('00), Yannet INTERIAN ('00), Javier MONTOYA ('04)

Far East: Narayan ADHIKARI ('98), Sarah Jaye OLIVA ('15), Reinabelle REYES ('06), Manjil SAIKIA ('15)

Near East: Muhammed ALHROOB ('06), Imrana ASHRAF, Fawzy HEGAB ('19)