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2023 Archive

August 2023
August at ICTP means two things: the announcement of the latest Dirac Medallists and the graduation of our Diploma students. Read about these achievements and more in this month's e-newsletter!
July 2023
Collaboration, innovation, and El Niño: Summer at ICTP is as busy as ever. Read about what happened at ICTP in July, and what programme deadlines are approaching.
June 2023
Summer 2023 kicks off with several important conferences and workshops. Read about them here!
May 2023
An ICTP public event with Nobel Laureates David Gross and Giorgio Parisi; plus, don’t miss these deadlines to apply for ICTP conferences, schools and workshops!
April 2023
Africa science in the spotlight
March 2023
Multidisciplinary research, call for 2024 Scientific Calendar activities, and ICTP is hiring: read our latest e-newsletter!
February 2023
Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science; plus, math and optics prizes announced. Also, read how ICTP addresses all of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
January 2023
A new year, a new look: read about ICTP's launch of its global scientific portal!

2022 Archive

December 2022
December is for celebrations! Meet our awardees and recent graduates, learn about ICTP's participation in the World Science Forum and take a look to our 2023 Scientific Calendar.
November 2022
A month of celebrating science, physics without frontiers and more success from the ICTP community
October 2022
ICTP friends in high places: from Nobel Laureates and Breakthrough Prize awardees to international science leaders, ICTP's rich network of scientists adds to the uniqueness of the Centre.
September 2022
Meet the latest ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Programme graduates, and discover how the spirit of Abdus Salam lives on.
August 2022
A Summer of Science
July 2022
Recognising scientific excellence
June 2022
Planning for 2023, and Celebrating Basic Sciences
May 2022
Seminars and Centennials
April 2022
Earth Day and ERCs at ICTP
March 2022
Grant Celebrations at ICTP
February 2022
A busy February at ICTP
January 2022
Honouring Salam's Legacy

2021 Archive

December 2021
Honouring Outstanding Young Scientists
November 2021
COP26, alumni reflections, several openings at ICTP and more highlighted during November 2021.
October 2021
October saw ICTP celebrating Nobel and Dirac Prize winners among the many scientists in the ICTP community honored this month.
September 2021
Highlighting ICTP's month of prizes, festivals, and great talks.
August 2021
It has been a busy season at ICTP: Read about research, events, awards, and opportunities from summer 2021!
August 2021
Submissions are pouring in for the Reunion Memories Challenge from all over the world. Read selections and send your own.
July 2021
The Reunion Memories Challenge is underway; see who has shared their Diploma memories. Also, help ICTP track its Diploma alumni by taking our five-minute survey. And, register for the anniversary event to receive an ICTP t-shirt!
July 2021
Share your memories of the Diploma Programme in a video, audio recording or text message, and challenge your classmates to do the same! Also: Download the full event programme; take the Diploma survey; register now for a participation kit!
June 2021
June 2021
Calling all ICTP Diploma alumni! In August 2021, ICTP will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Postgraduate Diploma Programme. An exciting, three-day, online event awaits you, featuring talks, social activities and more.