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June 2024


Subir Sachdev Named Miguel Virasoro Visiting International Chair

Subir Sachdev, Herchel Smith Professor of Physics at Harvard University, is the first holder of ICTP's Miguel Virasoro Visiting International Chair, hosted in ICTP's Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics section. Sachdev is a condensed matter physicist who has made important contributions to the understanding of entangled states of quantum matter. Read more ...

Strings and Mathematics: An Interview with Cumrun Vafa

Cumrun Vafa, one of the most prominent world experts in string theory, was recently at ICTP for the prestigious annual conference String Math 2024. He kindly agreed to answer a few questions about string theory, his latest efforts to formulate testable predictions of the theory, the 2024 String Math conference, and his experience with ICTP. Read more ...

ICTP Associates in the Spotlight: Amanda Weltman

Over the past few months, ICTP has been releasing the video series “Science is Our Common Language”, featuring some of the current associates. The sixth and final episode in the series is dedicated to ICTP Simons Associate Amanda Weltman, the South African Research Chair in Physical Cosmology and a full professor at the University of Cape Town, in South Africa. Read more ...

Interdisciplinarity as a Superpower: An Interview with ICTP Simons Associate Sumedha Sumedha

ICTP Simons Associate Sumedha Sumedha has a research career that has taken a unique path after several moves across three different continents. Thanks to her background in statistical physics she has enjoyed applying her knowledge to explore the connections between different research domains, ranging from biophysics to high energy and particle physics. In an interview, she explains how. Read more ...

Prestigious Mathematics Award for Don Zagier

Mathematician Don Zagier, ICTP's Ramanujan International Chair, has been awarded the Heinz Gumin Prize for Mathematics for his groundbreaking research work in number theory and the theory of modular forms. The prize, awarded by the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation, is the most highly endowed mathematics prize in Germany. Read more ...

ICTP Holds 60th Anniversary Events in Nepal and Macau

Celebrations for ICTP's 60th anniversary are taking place throughout 2024 and around the globe, leading up to the main anniversary event to take place in November. Recently, ICTP held two anniversary science events in Nepal and Macau, both of which focussed on technological innovation. Read more ...

ICTP Alumna in the Spotlight: Soheyla Feyzbakhsh

As a fresh graduate of ICTP's 2014 Postgraduate Diploma Programme in mathematics, it was clear that Soheyla Feyzbakhsh was bound for a stellar career after she was accepted for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. Now a senior lecturer at Imperial College London, Soheyla has won a string of research awards, the latest being the 2024 Boris Dubrovin medal. Read more ...



ICTP Short-term Visits

Visiting fellowships in ICTP's Mathematics section are available in 2024 for short-term visits of up to three months. Deadline: 31 December 2024. Details ...

ICTP's Training and Research in Italian Laboratories (TRIL) Programme

ICTP's Training and Research in Italian Laboratories Programme places scientists in an Italian laboratory for research in the physical sciences. Application deadline: ongoing. Details ...

Upcoming Deadlines

School and Workshop on Dynamical Systems

Deadline: 7 July 2024  

Hands-On Research in Complex Systems School

Deadline: 8 July 2024  

Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Advanced Mobile Techniques for Radiation Monitoring and Mapping

Deadline: 29 July 2024  

Hands-On Quantitative Biology School

Deadline: 31 July 2024  

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