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October 2022


Quantum Spotlight:
ICTP connections to Physics Nobel & Breakthrough Prize Winners

Quantum information is in the spotlight after several pioneering physicists in the field recently received science's most prestigious awards. Most of the awardees have long ties with ICTP. Two of the three scientists who were awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics “for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science” -- Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger -- have participated in numerous conferences at ICTP. In addition, three of the four recipients of the 2023 Breakthrough Prize in fundamental physics are recipients of ICTP's 2017 Dirac Medal: Charles H. Bennett, David Deutsch and Peter W. Shor. Read more...

Promoting Abdus Salam's Vision: An interview with Adnan Shihab-Eldin

Adnan Shihab-Eldin, former Director General of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), has dedicated decades of his career to supporting the development of science in the Arab region and beyond. His efforts were recently honoured by the family of Abdus Salam, who awarded him the Spirit of Abdus Salam Award. Shihab-Eldin visited ICTP in September to attend the Spirit of Salam ceremony and took some time to reflect on his decades-long connection with ICTP and the impact of Abdus Salam on his career. Read more...

Meet ICTP's Diploma Graduates: Mohamed Aliouane

Mohamed Aliouane of Algeria was among the latest group of young scientists to graduate from ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme in August. "The Diploma Programme was a very nice experience for me," said Aliouane in a recent interview. "I think the best thing, in the programme and at ICTP in general, is the environment; it is perfect for studying and concentrating on your work." Thanks to his Diploma experience, Aliouane is now enrolled in a PhD programme at the Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA). Read more...

In Memoriam: Valery Rubakov

ICTP was saddened to learn of the passing of Valery Rubakov (pictured above, speaking at the 2013 Dirac Medal ceremony), one of the most prominent theoretical physicists of his generation. Professor Rubakov served on the ICTP Scientific Council from 2010 to 2020. "Rubakov has been a good friend of ICTP," said Paolo Creminelli, head of the Centre's High Energy, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (HECAP) section. "He visited the HECAP group regularly for many years and collaborated with Professors Randjbar-Daemi and Smirnov. He was a marvelous teacher and he gave many lectures at the Particle Physics and Cosmology ICTP schools, always on the blackboard of course, in pure Russian style." Read more...


Postdoc Opportunities

ICTP has announced the availability of multiple postdoctoral fellowships for 2023. Unless otherwise noted, all fellowships start in autumn 2023. Read more...

Call for Nominations: Spirit of Abdus Salam Award 2023

ICTP is seeking nominations for the Spirit of Abdus Salam Award. The deadline is 9 December 2022. Read more...

Become an ICTP Associate: Call now open for visits starting in 2024

Scientists from and working in developing countries who want to maintain long-term connections with ICTP's stimulating research environment take note: the Centre is now accepting applications for its Associateship Scheme programme. The application deadline is 31 January 2023. Read more...

Call for Applications: ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Programme

Applications for the 2023-2024 Postgraduate Diploma Programme are now being accepted; the deadline is 28 February 2023. The Programme is open to young, qualified graduates with a degree equivalent to an MSc in physics, mathematics, or a related field, and fluency in English. Read more...

Upcoming Deadlines

Climate Data and Seasonal Forecast Analysis Techniques (smr 3691)

Deadline: 11 November 2022

Joint ICTP-IAEA Advanced School/Workshop on Machine Learning in Citizen Science (smr 3739)

Deadline: 11 November 2022

2023 ICTP Winter College on Optics: Terahertz Optics and Photonics (smr 3816)

Deadline: 11 November 2022

ICTP-ICTS Winter School on Quantitative Systems Biology (smr 3755)

Deadline: 15 November 2022

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